Wearing and applying false lashes can be fiddly and difficult to apply, but if you’re a glasses wearer like some of us here at Rellon, you will truly understand the struggle between looking glamorous and having your lashes touch the frame of your glasses whenever you blink. Here, we will suggest the best options to prevent this irritating situation from occurring every time you try and wear lashes. Fear no more!

Not only are our lashes lightweight & comfortable, but they are perfect for contact lens wearers, too!

With our wide range of styles & lengths in our lash collections, at Rellon we can pride ourselves on being inclusive for people who struggle with their eyesight but want to look glam. 

Before we get into the perfect lash styles for glasses wearers, let us tell you a few top tips:

  • If your lashes are touching the lenses or frames of your glasses, take an eyelash curler and gently squeeze the lashes in the curler in a pumping motion
  • Choose a shorter style so that the lash hairs don’t touch your lenses
  • Go for a cat-eye style of lash so that the volume is on the outer corner of your eye as opposed to the front of your eye 
  • Opt for a very curled lash (our Russian lashes are a great option)


Super fluffy and lightweight, illicit are perfect for use both during the day and at night. A beauty staple that won’t disappoint, these are ideal for use with glasses because the area of the longest length is towards the outer corner.


Wanting to go for a sultry look without the fuss of your lashes touching your glasses? Foxy are the perfect lightweight, natural cat-eye lash which will give your eyes the ultimate lift with just enough definition.


Kilig are made for those not wanting a cat eye look. Being the same length lashes all along, they can open the eye up for the ultimate doe-eyed, natural look. Say goodbye to annoying, lens-touching lashes!


The fluffiest Russian lash you will ever see, Rumour, will provide you with all the definition and depth you need for your eyes without the need for extreme length. The cat eye style and dimension of these cluster lashes will mean you can look your absolute best, fuss-free!

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