Are you ever left wondering if there is an easy way to apply your lashes to make them last all day/night? Some common annoyances of wearing strip lashes can be them not sticking down, the sides of your lashes flying up, the lashes getting stuck to your eyelid instead of your lash line, or the glue not drying properly so you end up with your lashes not fully attached. There are many different tips and tricks when it comes to mastering the art of applying lashes, and finding which ones work best for you could completely change your makeup game.

Applying strip lashes can seem like a massive task to some, and done with ease for others, if you are finding yourself struggling to put on your favourite lashes then you’re in the right place - we have outlined some easy steps to make sure that your lashes aren’t breaking your night out, but making it!


1. Get rid of any oil on your eyelids/fingers

Lashes and oil do not go together well! If your eyelids are oily, or even your fingers and the oil is transferred onto the lash band then the lash adhesive will have a hard time bonding to your lash line. Before you put on your lashes, it is always recommended to blot your eyelids using oil-absorbing sheets or if you do not have any of these to hand, use a small amount of powder to get rid of this. To ensure your lashes last longer, you should also use a non-oil-based makeup remover, as oil can break down the glue which holds the lashes to the cotton lash band, which can cause the lash to fall apart.


2. Curl Your Lashes

Curling your lashes with an eyelash curler is a great step to take before you apply your lashes. When your lashes are curled, it will be easier for you to place the lash band on top of your lashes. In addition to this, curling your lashes opens up your eyes and will accentuate and enhance your natural eye shape. This trick also helps the strip lash blend with your natural lashes. It is important to note that you should curl your lashes before you apply mascara.

3. Apply Mascara

Applying one thin coat of mascara before you put on your strip lashes will allow the lashes to easily stick to your natural ones. By using black mascara, it will also mean that your natural lashes will blend seamlessly with the strip lashes which are very dark in colour. If your real eyelashes are of a light shade, the colour difference can be very obvious and spoil the look. It is a good idea to make sure you let the mascara fully dry before applying the eyelash also. Please note, you can perform this step after applying your strip lashes, however, mascara can damage the lashes, cause them to clump, and ruin the fluffiness of your faux-minks!

4. Measure & Cut Your Lashes

This easy step is hugely underrated, no lashes are made to fit all eye sizes and shapes… that would be impossible! This is important to keep in mind, as trimming your lashes will make them look more natural. Using either your fingers or some tweezers, you should remove the lashes from their packaging, and hold the lashes along your lash line. You should position the inner corner of the lash where the bulk of your lashes start and place your finger where your lashes end. Then, using scissors, you should snip off the excess of the lash which you don’t need.

5. Flex the lash band

Lash strips are generally not correctly bent to fit our eye when they are straight out of the box, this can often make the lashes look unnatural if they are not placed onto the lash line correctly. A great tip for overcoming this issue is to place the lash in between your fingers and bend it over your middle finger with your thumb making a U shape. Another way to loosen the lash band is to hold either end of the lash and keep flexing the band until it becomes slightly softer and easier to bend.

6. Apply the lash glue

After all of the above steps, you should apply glue on the lash band only, trying not to get any lash glue on the lash strands. It is important to then wait 30 seconds - 1 minute until the glue has become tacky. One of the most reasons why many people have trouble applying lashes is because the glue has not dried yet, which can lead to lifting and your lashes not being secure.

Tip: Once you have put the glue onto the lash band, bend the band so that the two outer ends of the lash meet, this will spread the glue better onto the ends of the lashes so that they don’t lift!

7. Apply the lashes

The following step is to put the lashes on! You can do this using your fingers or as we recommend, tweezers. You should pick up the lashes from the outer edge and place them as close to your lash line as possible, gently applying slight pressure along the lash band and adjusting them so that they are laying flat and secure.

Tip: Don’t close your eye when applying lashes! This can make it hard for you to see how close you are to getting the lash band to your lash line. Instead, you should look directly into the mirror and apply the lashes from the side, and use tweezers to squeeze the lashes against your real eyelashes to secure them.

8. (Optional) Use liquid eyeliner to mask the lash band

This step is optional, as it depends on what type of makeup look you are trying to achieve! You can use a liquid eyeliner and create a line extending from where the lash band starts and ends, and if you’re a real pro - you can create a winged liner. This will help the lashes to look more natural and discreet. You could even create eyeliner using eyeshadow on an angled brush, for a softer, more smoked-out look.

9. Admire your lashes!

Now that you have applied your lashes, you can admire the way that they have made your eyes pop! False lashes are a great way to bring attention to your eyes, and there are many different styles of lashes to suit all kinds of eye shapes. A great pair of lashes for beginners are a pair of Rellon lashes due to our ultra-flexible lash band, our recommendation if you like a natural pair of lashes are our ‘kaya’ lashes, or you love to add drama to your makeup looks; our ‘elixir’ lashes are the one for you!

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