Learning to put on false lashes correctly can sometimes be a pain, but once you have mastered how to safely apply them, removing them is the next big hurdle. Causing damage to your natural or strip lashes is the last thing you want to do, so learning to remove them properly is essential. By following these steps, you will maximise the number of uses you get out of your lashes and increase longevity. 



If you haven’t used a lot of glue to apply the lashes, they should gently peel away from your eye without snagging on your natural lashes. Starting at the outer corner of your eye, pinch the lash and gently peel away from your skin towards the inner corner of your eye. 


If a lot of adhesive was used to secure the lashes, or you feel snagging on your natural lashes when trying to remove them, you may need to soak the adhesive to loosen it before you continue with the removal process. Try soaking an eco-friendly cotton bud in oil-free makeup remover and running it along the lash band to break up the lash adhesive, which will allow the lash to lift off without the need to pull hard. 


Once the strip lashes have been removed, you will need to clean them to ensure you maximise longevity. For an in-depth process of how to clean your lashes, read our how-to guide here